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Welcome to our full therapist resources site

Welcome to our resources site for clinicians who are intending to treat clients with PTSD, social anxiety disorder and/or panic disorder using the specialised cognitive therapies developed from our models of PTSD (Ehlers and Clark, 2000), social anxiety disorder (Clark and Wells, 1995), and panic disorder (Clark 1986, 1988).

Here you will find manuals explaining how to use the treatments (social anxiety disorder, PTSD and panic disorder), as well as video illustrations of key therapeutic techniques (for social anxiety disorder and PTSD). You will also have access to questionnaires that the group has developed to help guide therapy (social anxiety disorder, PTSD and panic disorder). We hope you find the materials helpful.

You can also view the papers that have been produced by our team on the topics of PTSD, social anxiety disorder, IAPT or other topics.

Although this website is free to use, you will need to login to access the materials, or register if you have not yet done so.



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