Workshop Video

This video is a recording of a full day workshop on Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorder (CT-Panic) that David Clark presented to IAPT high intensity therapists in training. The therapists had already had considerable training in general CBT approaches to depression and anxiety as well as in assessment. These skills were taken for granted in the workshop. We hope that other therapists at a similar stage or later in their professional development will find viewing the workshop helpful.

The workshop was delivered remotely by Zoom as it occurred during one of England’s COVID-19 national lockdowns. Part 1 is the morning session. Part 2 is the afternoon session. Viewers need to watch both sessions to get a full overview of the treatment.

Although workshops can provide clinicians with detailed guidance about many aspects of cognitive therapy, they are not sufficient on their own. Therapists who wish to master CT-Panic will also need to have session-by-session clinical supervision from an expert in the treatment while they are in training.

CT-Panic Part 1 (clinical workshop)

CT-Panic Part 2 (clinical workshop)