00:00 – Welcome, overview of the day and housekeeping
3:29 – Fundamentals of trauma-focused CT (Key skills recap: Behavioural experiments and site visits; 1:01:13 – Answering questions on behavioural experiments and site visits; 1:11:02 – How to find updating info: shame; 1:53:21 – Humiliation/ mental defeat; 1:58:52 – Anger; 2:27:56 – Moral injury)
2:33:13 – Questions
2:42:45 – Working with loss (3:49:44 – permanent physical injury; traumatic bereveament)
4:09:55 – Rumination
4:34:51 – Working with co-morbidity
4:46:58 – Questions
5:19:00 – Instructions for Supervision phase, round up of questions and end

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