IAPT HI Top-up Training Workshop Day 3, Cohort 4

IAPT HI Top-up Training Workshop Day 3, Cohort 4

Dr. Hannah Murray and Dr. Kerry Young cover CT-PTSD for complex cases during Day 3 of the IAPT PTSD Top-Up training.


00:03:28 – What do we mean by complexity?
00:14:47 – Stabilisation
00:21:24 – Working out if PTSD is the main problem
00:32:41 – Psychotic symptoms
00:45:45 – Early treatment interventions
01:31:22 – Dissociation
02:23:03 – Working with multiple memories
02:41:06 – Therapeutic window issues
02:49:34 – Head-heart lag
02:53:12 – Mental imagery and imagery re-scripting
04:11:11 – Cognitive themes (contamination, defeat/degradation, moral injury)

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