00:00 – Welcome, overview of the day and housekeeping

5:49 – Supervising trainee high intensity therapists in trauma-focused cognitive therapy (7:08 – Importance, purpose and types of supervision within IAPT; 18:22 – Meta-competence in CT-PTSD; 30:37 – The learning cycle in CT-PTSD supervision)

34:44 – Assessing PTSD competence (41:41 – How do you assess skillfulness and competence; 42:53 – The Cognitive Therapy Competence Scale for PTSD (CTCS-PTSD))

1:30:12 – Tips for CT-PTSD supervision (1:37:46 – What happens in supervision?; 1:44:16 – The importance of questionnaires; 1:46:37 – Ensuring hotspots are updated; 2:00:53 – Getting out of the chair!; 2:10:34 – Therapist cognitions; 2:18:27 – Therapist’s self-care)

2:23:50 – Questions

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